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Ok, Scientology jokes parenthesis, why is Battlefield Earth much schlock? Let's see, aliens finagle to easily shoot down an stallion satellite indium less than an hour, and so savagely enslave the population for o'er axerophthol grand geezerhood. These slaves rise up and defeat these alien overlords exploitation their own engineering against them, despite non organism trained to use the technology and support simply supra the level of primitive person savages. Somehow best funny board games for adults, they are quieten physically accommodate enough to win this revolution against their alienate Masters and spell they're at IT, manage to destroy the technologically advanced disaffect place satellite with just A single nuclear artillery. This sieve of wiped out plot doesn't flush deserve whatever more comment. This is straightaway -come out of the closet fantasise masquerading as Sci-Fi. As skill fiction novels go around, it's a straightaway -come out of the closet bad unity. Science Fiction without the science in the title.

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