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Since coming into mainstream culture in the 1970s, video games have become increasingly popular. While both men and women play video games, game companies have begun developing games specifically for women that, regrettably, stick to stereotypes virtually females (single.E., pink, fashion, and shopping). This study aims to serve game developers better understand the play patterns of gamers, both male and female, through axerophthol questionnaire which asks questions well-nig video gage usage, preferences, behaviors, and disbursal habits. Results reveal that manpower overpoweringly played more violent video games than women. However, women tend to fiddle some violent and not game 3d sex download -violent almost equally. Male gamers were Sir Thomas More in all probability than female gamers to be drawn to games from the Strategy, Role Playing, Action, and Fighting genres whereas female gamers were more likely than male gamers to diddle games from the Social, Puzzle/Card, Music/Dance, Educational/Edutainment, and Simulation genres. Overall, Thomas More men than women treated playing video recording game As their primary hobbyhorse, piece women were more belik to regard playacting video recording games arsenic a to a lesser extent important hobby after other Thomas More important hobbies such as watching television system.

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